Joe Torrillo presents programs across America for student assemblies and to teacher, principal and superintendent organizations.

After you book Joe Torrillo as your speaker, he will spend time with you by phone, making sure he has a clear understanding of your topic and messaging goals. Joe will create a customized program that is right on target for your students of all ages, or educator attendees.

Joe’s Most Requested Programs for Students:

Aptitude and Attitude - A Combination for Success

As young boys and girls enter their adolescents, along with the physical growth comes a lot of mental, emotional and psychological changes as well. Teen years are typically the most difficult, as the stress of entering adult life has a new set of expectations and responsibilities. Unfortunately, the fear and anxiety that is associated with that can have a detrimental effect on students.

Joe Torrillo travels the country speaking for student assemblies – inspiring students and speaking directly to their minds and souls. He reveals the struggles of his own formative years and shares his trials and tribulations in a very candid and honest presentation.

Students are drawn to his magnetic messages and begin to face their future with renewed vigor and confidence. Joe has an uncanny ability to inspire and motivate kids like no other.

His overall messages are extremely inspiring, yet simple in nature:

  • There’s a big price tag on $tupidity.
  • Life is all about having fun, but know the lines you shouldn’t cross.
  • Winners never quit, and quitters never win.
  • Your attitude in life is equally important to your aptitude.
  • Every successful person starts with two things: Desire and Commitment.

The Hero Beside You

School administrators and faculty are always looking for effective ways to promote positive thinking that affect all aspects of a student’s life. Joe Torrillo shares his story of survival on September 11th, 2001, with the hopes of inspiring students to be all they can be - as often as they can.

Assembled students are asked to look at those next to, behind and in front of them.
Students become aware of other’s height, weight, hair color and skin tone, along with gender differences. The object is for them to realize we are all different in many ways, and that the difference is okay because the world they live in and the world that they will navigate is what makes all of us who we are.

Joe reminds the students that no single ethnic or racial group of people can claim ownership of every bit of success. Famous, popular, and accomplished people can trace their roots to every Country on earth. Everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to the good of others.

The unforgettable message that Joe provides is that those who end up doing the most for us in life are usually those we least expected. The moral is simple, don’t alienate anyone because of their differences, but endeavor to engage everyone equally - for you never know who will “be there” for you when you need them the most! The person beside you could become your biggest hero.

Joe’s Most Requested Programs for Educators:

Peace and Tolerance on Your Campus

An overview of school shootings over the past 90 years around the world, this presentation is a must for all schools who take this potential seriously. The audience is reminded that most of these incidents could not have necessarily been prevented, but by properly acknowledging and addressing this issue, similar tragedies could be minimized along with the loss of life and other casualties.

This straight forward presentation coupled with simple animated graphics, creates a real “eye-opener” awareness for faculty, school administrators, and parent/teacher groups.

The presentation’s focus is to assist school officials in the beginning stages of a “site specific” safety plan to address these tragedies. Joe will facilitate this presentation with ten very basic important steps of action for faculty members to guide them in regards to their responsibilities in maintaining a safe and peaceful learning environment.

In addition, teachers and other faculty members will learn to view student profiles and personalities in a variety of ways they may have never thought of before.

Joe knows the value of surviving a tragedy. As a 25 year Lieutenant with the New York City Fire Dept, he was the only person to survive the collapse of both Twin Towers.

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